Monday, May 13, 2013

Feeding The Monkey

It's D-Day for Kazan...

Actually it's more like S-Day-
Shipping Day.

All my equipment for the event ships today. If it ain't in the box now, it ain't goin'.
(Mainly because I'm not going to even try to hand-carry any equipment over there.
It's a bite in the ass both going and coming home.)
And let me do the math... It's May 13, event starts the first week of July...
I assume it's going by some combination of airfreight, cargo container, semi, cargo van, and camel caravan.

So my cases are all packed except for one element-
I needed some backpacks  for the volunteers to carry their equipment in when they head to their work locations... So they arrive this AM to be packed in my last case.

If you are familiar with international shipping you know if you put something like "backpack" on a manifest, Customs Officials usually assume it is a 'giveaway' item, and it is dealt with in a completely different manner than our other carnet items like our laptops, etc. So instead of "backpack", which would get red-flagged, I'll tag them as "equipment deployment bags"... Yeah- that has success written all over it.

Yes, it has rather ominous connotations, especially if you are a suspicious Customs guy, but I've gotta try something.

Meanwhile, after my cases roll out the door, it will be business as usual.

This is just about how my workday runs, on average...

I'm usually in one or the other of these roles, depending on the day and the event.

Actually, I think it's more like this...

As my man Pete would say: "Feeding the monkey to watch it shit..."


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