Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steaming Pile of Excrement

The "officially" sanctioned photo shows President Obama saluting the coffins of the Navy SEALS. (not shown) (White House photo) 

Campaign Procedures #23175: Control the Media
When the coffins of the fallen Navy SEALS came back to US soil, the Pentagon and the White House closed the event to the press. That's understandable. After all, the George W. Bush administration made similar restrictions for such ceremonies, although President Obama overturned the policy. The press complied as well, but when the White House released a photo yesterday of Obama saluting the coffins at the ceremony, they raised their eyebrows. When Associated Press reporter Ben Feller asked about the photo today at the White House Press briefing, Carney answered:
"The reason we were able to release a photo, is that it was carefully done so that none of the transfer cases that contained remains were in the picture . . . we were able put those restrictions and control the White House photographer so that the photograph that we released does not cause any of those problems."
So, just in case you were wondering, this full-on campaign mode.
It's not about fallen heroes.
It's ALL about TheOne...
...And as with everything else he does, he gives a sloppy, half-assed salute.
They (and we) deserve better.




Anonymous said...

YES - They and we do!!

Irish said...


Doug Wilson, head of public affairs at the Pentagon, said the department did not know the White House photographer was present and had no idea a photo of the event was being released until it became public. He said the photographers who routinely travel with the defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were not allowed to go to the event, and no official Pentagon photos were taken or released.

Tam said...

I haven't rendered a hand salute since AFJROTC, and I could do it better than the current CinC of our nation's armed forces. That's just sad.

Unknown said...

Sickening really. "They (and we) deserve better." Amen and amen.

North said...

I wish we would have elected someone to be president.

Tracy said...

Clearly staged. The salute is bad because if it were a proper salute, we wouldn't see TheOne's profile as defined in White House Style Guide #4225. Plus, if this had been an ACTUAL photo of the remains of Heroes returning to US soil, the soldier at the far left of the photo would have also been saluting. What a crock of you-know-what.

kx59 said...

Tracy's astute observations caused me to look beyond my disgust and look closer.
I see hands over hearts, and the "soldier's" hat on the far left is not his, and does not fit him at all.
In addition, his posture points to someone who has spent their life in prairie dog cubicle, not a career military man.
The obamanoid has no idea how to perform a correct salute. Given his upbringing, he's probably never even seen one.
In the Clinton years, so I was told by friends in the military, there was a special salute they returned to billybob and shrillery. It involved a slightly dropped index finger so the fu finger was ever so slightly more prominent.
I wonder if obummer get's the same.
what an effing piece of shite that guy is.

Eowyn said...

I thought you were only supposed to salute when in uniform, in any case?