Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watson, You Know My Methods

I was taking inventory this morning, planning out how to run operations for today, and how to start our strike & pack out this afternoon, rather than waiting for the end of play to start boxing up systems & gear and packing the truck.

As I was musing over the details, SGK and 'Roach were busily doing their start-of-day routines in other parts of the trailer.

"Hmmm... I know what I need..." I said, talking to myself.
Roach chimes in: "A bottle of rum?!"
SGK: "A woman?"
Roach: "A gun?"
SGK: "A woman with a bottle of rum and a gun?"
TBG: "Jeebus. Y'all know me too well."



Borepatch said...

It's a trifecta!

Bug said...

a real short woman?