Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Practice Round Banter

The stress level is dropping out here at Secret Squirrel Central.

Our volunteers are getting back in the swing of things, data is flowing apace and all is well in Augusta.
The world, as Mr. Steinbeck would have said, is spinning in greased grooves.

Our topics of discussion, when we are not kvetching about software bugs undocumented features or hardware issues, range far and wide.

For instance...

SGK: "Hey, think about this... Macadamia Nut M&Ms."
Roach: "Walnut M&Ms. That's brain food."
SGK: "Pecans. Pecan M&Ms."
Yours Truly: "Hell, they have almond, peanut, peanut butter, dark chocolate...You'd think they could do macadamias.
Roach: "Yeah, but there'd only be 2 in a bag and they be six bucks per bag."
YT: "They had those great krispy M&Ms a while back. Loved those."
SGK: "PB&J M&Ms That'd be awesome."
YT: "I'm waiting for them to figure out how to fit an Oreo inside an M&M."

Amateurs discuss Strategy;
Professionals discuss Tactics;
Statisticians discuss where the next meal/snack is coming from.


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