Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Part Deux

 (I was saving this one for today, but my man The Feral Irishman (aka Pissed) jumped the gun on me and posted it last week. It's still dammed funny, so I'm posting it anyway).

But, I still need to put down something new for the holiday, after all, I can't keep posting the old tried-and-true "my butt hurts" cartoon every year...
Here's something that ought to give the kiddies (and pets) a few nightmares.
(cue: JAWS theme...)

(Rabbit of Caerbannog)

"Look at the bones, Man!"


1 comment:

kx59 said...

good god J, post something new so that creepy rabbit with the freaking big teeth will wind up in the archives. I keep coming here and seeing that damn thing. I... find it..disturbing.