Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TV/Movies Today - Part 1 - California

WTF, over?

I was watching the Tube the other night and I saw a trailer for the new flick Skyline.

Looks pretty cool... Kinda "Cloverfield meets Independence Day" thing...
Depending on the reviews it might be worthwhile to see on the Big Screen, or perhaps rent the Blu-Ray... We'll see.

At the end of the trailer I caught a glimpse of a warning box near the MPAA rating on the last few frames of the trailer.
Have you noticed this little nugget?

Are you kidding me?

Now we're warning people that *GASP* there are people SMOKING in this movie?!

You're kidding, right? The preview shows a guy getting stomped into a dark wet spot on the driveway by a giant alien pseudopod, and you worry about showing someone smoking a butt!?

What's next?

Warning: This film has depictions of people consuming Trans Fats?
Driving without seatbelts?
High Fructose Corn Syrup?

F#$*ing California...

I said it to Jingalls at lunch today, and it's probably worth repeating here...

California has some amazing resources and natural wonders...
It is a  place that has miles and miles and miles awesome beaches and shorelines, access to the most prolific marine resources, hundreds of thousands of square miles of farmland and livestock production, and the absolute top-end high-tech development startups and technical industry leaders.
And you let a handful for leftwing fruitcakes run the state to absolute bankrupcy...
All the rules and legislation and regulations and crap that has evolved to safeguard the public trust and protect the environment is destroying the ability of a business to operate in that state.

Or- as my man Doug Powers opines:
In the City by the Bay, if you want to roller skate naked down Castro Street wearing a phallic-symbol hat and snorting an eight-ball off a transgender hooker’s chest while underage kids run behind you handing out free heroin needles, condoms and coupons to the grand opening of the neighborhood’s newest bathhouse, that’s your right as a free citizen of the United States.
But if you want to put a Buzz Lightyear toy in the same box with a hamburger and fries and sell it, you’re outta line, mister!

Sorry, Snowflake... All your bullshit rules, oversight committees, protection dogma, and environment stress preemption measures and undocumented worker protection & benefit programs have doomed your state.

Get out while you still can. Before someone lights a cigarette and kills everyone.

(But for Fck's sake, don't come to Florida! Try Canada. [Sorry Luc!])




Luc said...

California=Canada+phooking cold....

The Big Guy said...

Canada = (California + Crappy Socialized Medicine)X(Phooking Cold* 10E6.5)

Fixed it for ya...


Bug said...

I've said it many times... California would be wonderful, it has but one nagging flaw...its full of Californians.

They just reelected the guy they went thru all that trouble to remove from office.

The best part will be that states that have been fiscally responsible will end up bailing out the states like California, and they still won't be willing to change their behaviors.

ASM826 said...

And in the end, it wasn't all that good a movie.