Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Punch-out.

(Wow. Glad this happened. I thought I was going to be the first one to do it.)

A Connecticut man has been arrested after exchanging words and punching a TSA screener at a security checkpoint at Indianapolis International Airport.

First off:
Jim Fotenos, spokesman for the Transportation Security Agency, said in an airport police report, "Our transportation security officers work on the front lines to protect the nation from a terrorist attack and physical violence against them is shameful. TSA will work with local authorities to see that appropriate action is taken."
 Dude, you and the TSOs are NOT on the "front lines"... Hie your sorry asses over to Afghanistan if you want to be Front Line troops and get treated as such.

He had already stood and been scanned in a full-body advanced imaging machine before the incident.
... full details of the exchange are not in the police report, but it indicates that Christina said he has a history of medical issues, including two metal implants, a colostomy bag and a fused right wrist.

Anyone want to guess what happened?



Luc said...

And thus it begins ....

Chad said...

I really like how his bail was a whole 150 bucks. Where will he ever come up with such an outrageous amount of cash?

Joanna said...

I was expecting a good two weeks before something like this happened. Glad to see I was overestimating.

Bug said...

I wanna book a flight with SGK just so I can watch what happens when they check her.