Monday, October 11, 2010

are y'all playing nice?

greetings constant readers

i've chewed through my chains and took an escape pod to the surface- get a little fresh air, release a few carrier pigeons, check the headlines...

i see proxi has done a little posting...
y'all aren't abusing her, are you?
it really isn't a good idea.
last time i saw her she looked a little something like this:

anyway- 3 tips for you to get you through the next few days...
1. keep your nose clean
2. mind your own business
3. keep your hands to yourself

that ought to do it...

gotta head back before the sentinel finishes the reboot cycle.

see y'all in a week or so.



Chad said...

Nice? Us?

Actually, it's been quite an enjoyable series of posts.

Proxi said...

Oh I love fan mail!
I am so glad you have been enjoying the posts!
(Well, I guess it's not REALLY fan mail, but I will take what I can get!)


Luc said...

The problem is that we would love to tell you how funny you are. That you've been a refreshing interlude from the non-stop political bickering. But since TBG approves all comments to his site, there's a fat chance they'll make it to the blog. I've actually sent him an email last week about taking his time coming back. Hey you post pictures of cleavage so it's all good :).

Luc in Montréal

Bug said...

She has been doing a fine job... shame she isn't as PC as you are.

"Keep our hands to ourselves"?? Where is the fun in that?

The Big Guy said...

wow. you guys really know how to hurt a guy.

Proxi said...

Really Luc in Montreal? Porn?
Is THAT all you want?

It's easy to guest post here since once TBG is back, I have no more responsibility for the fallout.
Hell, now that I think about it, I have no moral, ethical or legal responsibility now.
In that case, porn for everybody!!
I think I have some good boobies for you. Stay tuned.