Monday, May 24, 2010

Unclear on the Concept #360 - T-Rav

T-Rav insists on poking the bear on a regular basis.

I'm not sure T-Rav has a firm grasp on the difference between weblogs and journalism.

Let me give you a hint: OPINION

It's the same reason that I don't go off the deep end about the fecal drivel that drips out the pieholes of idjits like Olberman, Beck, Maddow, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity and Anderson Cooper.
They have opinions; they get paid to sit in front of a camera (or microphone) and talk about what they think.
As a rule, they are all full of shit because they all have one agenda:
To drive up their audience.
Not to inform, not to tell the complete truth, not to impart unbiased knowledge.
Because, you know, audience=money.

Now- the difference between them (talking heads) and us (bloggers), is that the bigger the audience, the more they get paid. Since I don't use Google Ads or some other revenue generator for, no matter the size of the audience, I still make $0 from this little nightmare.

Starting to get the picture, Trav?

Now, to your comment...

I love the fact that in the three posts you've done about the oil spill, all three have pointed to the fault of the liberal media. Funny that you are not up in arms about the millions of gallons of oil that continue to be pumped into the gulf. (6M to 126M gallons estimated - I sure as hell hope it the 6M) Who is to blame for that? The media? Environmentalist or not, this IS a big deal!

Yeah, I know. Oil spills suck,
But guess what? I don't feel like writing about that.
EVERYONE is writing about the friggin' oil spill.
Go read about it elsewhere.
I'm not claiming to be a journalist, I just write about shit I want to write about.
Read that line up under the title of the blog...
Then go over to the disclaimer on the left side of the page and read that.

It basically says "If you don't like what you read here, fuck off and die."

T-Rav does seem to have his knickers in a twist about BP and the oil spill.
He continues:
It doesn't really matter when or where the oil washes ashore, the damage from this will last for decades. Good thing that BP negotiated a $75 million cap on damages - which they've since agreed to waive for some positive publicity.
Until you are shed of all the trappings of a petroleum-based society, it would be best if you didn't bite the hand that feeds, clothes, and lets you travel to your job, cooks your food and heats your house.
Get rid of all your plastics, polyesters; Dump your cars and start walking, shun air travel, and generally hie your hippy ass back to the 1800s. Then you can bitch. But until then, bitching about what a horrible global citizen BP is labels you as a hypocritical poser and ignorant of your complicity in BP's crimes...
(and don't fool yourself- "converting to solar" still uses huge amounts of petroleum products, and is still so inefficient that to run a modest household would take a PV array an acre in size. Even then, the impact of the system on the environment (panel manufacturing, operational hardware, and a huge bank of lead-acid batteries) and the overall upkeep is damned demanding.)
Until you completely make the jump, I would suggest you Shut The Fuck Up regarding oil companies.

T-Rav's entitled to his opinion. In reality he ought to be expressing it on HIS website Sports and Swarms, but instead comes over to my little slice of the Intarw3bz to mouth off... (I have no problem with this, as it gives me an opportunity to bitchslap an ignorant misguided socialist moron try to bring enlightenment to a left-wing tool.)

Hugs and kisses T-Rav...



null- said...

You guys are funny. As long as we have extreme left and extreme right we will continue to be balanced and everything will stay the same, just the way I like it.

T-Rav said...

I like poking the bear... because I can out run him. And he doesn't shoot very straight.

Joanna said...

If you see a bear and want to know what kind it is, kick it in the ass, then climb a tree. If the bear climbs up and mauls you, it's a black bear. If the bear knocks the tree over and mauls you, it's a grizzly bear.

If the bear photoshops your head on a Hungarian hooker's body and sends the photo to your mother, it's a blogger and you should have known better. :D

The Big Guy said...

You think I'm extreme?
You ate the some of the "wrong" pizza at Kro's Nest. ;)

That's all you got?
Cracker, please.

Addendum- If the bear pulls out a .44 Colt Anaconda and perforates your skinny ass with 230gr boolits, or builds a large bonfire under said tree and barbecues you while cackling madly and making s'mores, you might reach the conclusion it was that twisted warped bastard TBG.
(But I like the photoshop idea...
I have lots of pics of both T-Rav and Hungarian hookers. Serbian, actually. Hmmm. TMI?)


Joanna said...

I'm down with s'mores. You do the the cackling. I'll bring the graham crackers.