Saturday, May 29, 2010

Always in Threes

First it was Art Linkletter, then Gary Coleman.

But today's celebrity death was much more depressing...
Dennis Hopper.
Over 200 movie and TV credits on his resume, many that I would consider favorites...
Some of my favorite roles he played were the doped-up photographer in Apocalypse Now,  the mad bomber in Speed, the redemption case in Hoosiers, and the one-eyed whack-job in Waterworld
(I always felt sorry for that poor bastard that lived on the raft down inside the oil tank on the Valdez... But I digress...)...and of course Easy Rider.
Looking back over his credits on IMDB it's amazing how many different roles he's played...
Lots of old TV shows- everything from Bonanza to Twilight Zone, old westerns in the 50's and 60's, and in recent history he's done tons of voice roles in animated features and video games...
Talented actor, and (mostly) Republican- the recent WTF moment was a puzzler to me:
He voted for Urkel because he didn't like Palin as McCain's choice as running mate.

Dennis Lee Hopper
1936 - 2010
Requiescat in Pace


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Midwest Chick said...

Two words: Blue Velvet. Great actor.