Monday, January 25, 2010

What Has It Gots....

...In it's naaaasty little pocketeses!

JayG, Marko the Munchkin Wrangler and Scotaku have pushed this little meme along, so as I wait for the Code Monkey to arrive, I'll give it a go...

Emptying out my pockets... (wow- 11; thank Ghod for cargo pants)
Let's see what I have...

(Top to bottom, left to right...)
Wallet, Leatherman Fuse, small zip tie, RJ45-to-RS232 adapter, AA  Batteries, my 2009 Gallery notebook (22 pages left), Sony 4g SD media card, Patriot 8g Flash USB Key, Kingston 4G SDHC card,  Atwood SuperBug, NBC Vancouver lapel pin,  4 RJ45 modular ends, electrical tape, LED flashlight, laptop lock key,  big-ass Sharpie, spare stylus, Chinese dual-SIM phone, TMobile HTC DouchePro2, USB Cable, S&W Tanto Lockblade (Gibbs Rule #9), $5 CAD, $5 USD, wetwipe, hotel key.
(My two always-carry writing pens are stuck in the collar of my shirt, not in a pocket.)

Having a ton of crap in my pockets is nothing new- Mom always said that if I fell in the water I'd sink straight to the bottom with all the stuff she'd find in my pockets.

No overt personal defense items... No reciprocal rights in Canada for my Florida permit... I'll have to rely on my pocket knife and my charming personality if I get into A Situation.

So... What're you carrying?



Luc said...

What??!!?? No more CrackBerry?? Or were using it to take this picture?
Please tell me it ain't so :(

The Big Guy said...

The Crackberry shuffled off it's mortal coil and joined the choir invisible.
I petitioned The Power That Be for a new communicatin' device and was assigned a HTC DouchePro 2, Windows PPC device.
I'm doing my best to assimilate... resistance (against TPTB) is futile.


Luc said...

What?!! I want names damn it!! I will have our contract with IDS receded. Who wants to deal with a company that uses Windows Mobile devices?? Oh the shame. The humanity. What's next? An IPhone? Egad!

Bug said...

I tried to explain to Jay the benefits of Android, but he didn't have the guts to buck the system.

Ok, so that wasn't really the reason, but I tried, I really tried to show him the way.