Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did You Think This Through?

If you were "invited" to work at the Vancouver Olympics, one of the SWAG? items that you got was a lovely piece of Eco-Bling in the form of a water bottle.
One of the many (many, many) memos and notices that we got (all printed and Fed-Exed to us) cautioned us to be sure to bring our NBC issued water bottles, since there wouldn't be bottled water at the IBC or the venues in order to cut down on the number of #2 bottles cluttering up the landfills in British Columbia.
They would instead have water dispensers in strategic locations where you could refill your bottle.

Well... Isn't that nice.

Can you read that sign?


Why don't you press the mouth of your bottle against the spigot where that guy with SARS/H1N1/CreepingCrud/Whathaveyou just had his...
Without some way to wash/sterilize the bottles, I have a feeling there is going to be widespread exchange of several biological boojums in the IBC and the other venues.

And overall, I'm not sure how much plastic abatement is going to occur...
No- no bottles of water, but...

Yeah... We're doing our part for the planet here, baby.

Oh yeah...
One other goodie-
Instead of trying to save the planet, how about a better class of snack food?
At other strategic locations around the IBC we have:

Candy, chips, & pretzels.

Oh wait- there are raisins too.
Oh good.
I'll definitely have a thimble-full of raisins instead of a Twix or bag of M&Ms.

This is going to be trouble.


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