Thursday, October 23, 2008

So very sure of yourself, are you?

“Construction is underway for a massive stage in Grant Park where Barack Obama could declare victory on election night.”

Isn’t there an old saying about counting chickens?

Oops… I forgot: standard financially responsible procedures and accountability standards don’t apply to Democrats.

TBG, ignoring the polls.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's all rigged? No point in voting? Although it is preposterous to think McCain will win.

T-Rav said...

"financially responsible procedures and accountability standards don't apply to democrats" As a democrat, I would somewhat agree, but the republicans over the past eight years have been spending money and accumulating debt like a freshman on campus with her dad's credit card. Fiscal irresponsibility and bigger government will always be Bush's legacy.

The Big Guy said...

The term "Tax and Spend" is synonymous with the democratic party.
Are you saying that the Hussein Obama Dynasty will be more financially responsible and spend less than a Republican administration (albeit with a Leftist House and Senate)?

"Fiscal irresponsibility and bigger government will always be Bush's legacy."
Well... I'll take issue with your terms as you are playing fast and loose with the words to try to make your point.

Please define or identify Republican "fiscal irresponsibility", and be sure that your examples are actually products of the Republican I think as you look for examples, you will find Republican initiatives are loaded down with post-draft Democrat pork and earmarks.
And bigger government?
Has the size of the Government ever shrunk? And are you implying that the Messiah is going to reduce the size of the US Gummint?
Better check the plants where your bees are getting their nectar...
I think there is a big stand of Cannibis Sativa in your area.

There is a reason that there was increased spending under the Bush Administration; Let's take a peek at the underlying cause...

After 8 years of the Clinton regime, a majority of spending was shifted from defense and national security infrastructure to social programs, entitlements and pet projects of the Left. Hence- a gutted military, but a huge Culture of Entitlement.
(Uncle Jay's Political Truth #6: You can cut military spending, but you can NEVER cut Entitlement programs, no matter how out-of-date or wasteful.)

This resulted in such a massive shortfall in military and security budgets there had to be an intensive rebuilding of the defense system in reaction to the 9/11 attacks and the follow up (Trashcanistan & Iraq) thereof.

I breathlessly await your reply, Bee-Man.