Friday, October 24, 2008

Here's a Shocker

- From the desk of Captain Obvious -

New York Times comes out for Obama

Who didn't see *that* coming?

TBG: Get off your ASSES and VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Well, duh. :D Who would vote for McCain?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nobody would think of voting for McCain, after all...that is why all the polls show Obama at 98.5% ...oh wait, most of the polls are showing it as a dead heat. Guess that answers your question, LOTS of people will vote for McCain.

Although I can't say that I don't have problems with some of his positions, at least he has shown many times that he is his own man and will take a stand against his own party.

Perhaps a better question would be, why would anyone vote for Obama? The only thing he has ever run was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and that was a miserable failure, even by their own assessment.

Other good questions:
-how will he manage to vote 'present' while president?
-why did he never go up against the corrupt Chicago political machine?
-how is it that during the primary, Biden said that Obama was not qualified to be POTUS, but now is happily running with him.

Wealth is not 'distributed' it is 'earned'. I most definitely do NOT want some elitist or government bureaucracy deciding how much of my income I 'need'. Socialism doesn't work. It has been tried again and again. Being a chicken (hey, if you are afraid to admit what you believe, you ARE a chicken) and calling it 'progressive' doesn't change what it is.

-not anonymous-