Thursday, October 30, 2008

Follow Up - Tick Tock...

(I've been under the weather, sorry for the delay on getting back with you guys on your comments.)

So... Apparently all you good Obama disciples got the memo on how to counter the right-wing racist smears about The One's socialist leaning.

It's pretty amazing, actually.
All 3 of you guys send me the same article.
Was it included in the Oh-Bama! "Morning Marching Orders" email you get daily?

Let me make 3 points:

You didn't answer the question. Typical Democrat methodology.
You used the question to cast aspersions on someone else. Ditto.
You used someone else's labor to do your job. Double ditto.

Everyone sent links to, or quotes from the New Yorker Mag's article on the election and the recent focus on the position that Barry Barack Hussein Obama's allusion to socialistic wealth distribution and trying to tie McCain and Palin to socialistic comments or policies...

Point 1 - Answer the question, Claire...

My question was: Why is the Urkel plan for wealth distribution not socialism?
Answer: None. That's because it is socialism. See below for discussion.

Point 2 - Aspersions:

This article makes the case (at the end where, as any writer will tell you, is where you make the point that you want the reader to take away from the article) that Sarah Palin is a socialist, and thus has no business throwing stones at His Obamaness' glass house.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why the proffered example in Alaska is not socialism? Anyone?

How about I just lay it out for you? Easier, eh?
(Quel Suprise! Democrats loooove having everything given to them.)

It's called "Dividend Distribution".

The State of Alaska owns land. There is oil under this land.

The State of Alaska makes a business deal on behalf of the people of Alaska with an oil company to sell the oil.
The State of Alaska is paid on the people's behalf for the oil.
Part of the oil money goes to public works projects - schools, roads, etc.
These things benefit all the people of Alaska.
After the public works are paid for there is still money left.
This is called a surplus.
The surplus belongs to the people of the State of Alaska.
The State of Alaska pays it's people their share of the profit from selling the oil.
This is called a dividend distribution.

It's capitalism at its best.

Point 3 - Lazy bastards.

Seriously... Did you get that from some "How to counter Republican criticism" website or from a "talking points" memo from The One's campaign?

Although everyone kinda said "Just look at this" and didn't make any guarantees, you implied that it was an answer to my query.
(Another Democratic hallmark - Vagueness.)
Apparently you took this article at face-value and didn't do any fact checking or digging.

tsk tsk.

Does someone from the Urkel's staff come over and scroll your screen and move your mouse around for you too?

And if you want to be taken seriously, make sure that you at least quote something reasonably unbiased.
Your boy Hertzberg is so far in the tank for Urkel it is re-dicking-fuckulous. Read some of his other stuff.
It's a joke.
(We can debate this in another entry if you wish.)

Let's talk Socialism...

Let's look at the first step in the process- "Nationalization".
The process of taking an industry or asset in to public ownership of a national government...
One cause for nationalization is when a needed service or industry in critical to the operation of the country, and it is mismanaged (or is perceived as being so) to the point of bankruptcy; Typically the national government will step in and take over.
Airlines are often a case for this kind of nationalization- Quantas was nationalized back in 1947, Greece nationalized Olympic air back in 1972, and Air India was taken over in 1952.
Railroads are too... France has nationalized SCNF and RATP (Paris Subway). The US nationalized all railroads during WWII but restored previous status immediately thereafter.

It started with the creation of Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddy Mac (FHLMC), and the now they are in the process of being nationalized.
Now the Wall Street bailout is underway which will entail more Govt involvement...
(Problems the Gummint created due to lack of oversight and poor management. Had the free market been allowed to take its course, the system would have shaken the problems out. Painfully so, probably, but business is business. Nut up, Wall Street scumbags.)

So now, if the The Messiah takes office, we'll have the Gummint step in and "fix" the health care system too, with Universal Health Care (Socialized Medicine)...
I went to a Doc-in-a-box this morning... I had a 12 minute wait in the waiting room and about a 5 minute wait in the exam room... I don't think I was there more than 30 minutes total...
I shudder to think what it will be like when the process is taken over and organized with the efficiency of, oh, say The Post Office? Or maybe the DMV?

So when things start getting screwed up, or when the Gummint thinks there is "good reason" for involvement...Can you foresee a time when some faction decides that Uncle Sam would be better at running the oil business?
They get tired of just regulating it; They want more control of when the refineries are running, how much is being charged for a gallon of unleaded... Let's just nationalize that baby.
(It's worked out so will in Russia with Gazprom and China's Sinopec.
Corruption is so rampant that it is a joke.)

And just imagine how well that will go in the US, considering the attention to detail and reliability of most Gummint employees.

What's next to be taken under the wing of His Oneness?
Power and Utilities? ConEd and that ilk?
Yep- another blackout like back in '03? Ok, we can run it better First Energy and ConEd.
I wonder how well that will work out?

What else...
Let a couple more Glowbull-Warmening hurricanes kick then snot out of us and we'll see the fallout in the form of the Gummint taking over the insurance system...
I can see the Telecommunications (Internet) industry getting absorbed so it can be "improved"...
And how about we follow out good friends in the UK and watch as the Uncle Sam takes over the airwaves (look at the BBC), so they can make sure we see all the video they think we should see...

It's a slippery slope, folks. Once it starts, it tumbles fast.
And to reverse the process (privatization) is painful and expensive process...

Now then...Onward, through the Fog...
Next time- Socialism: Urkel thinks he's Robin Hood.

Any constructive (and original) comments or concepts to share?

(I know individual thought is frowned upon by The One, but give it a chance. It's actually a pretty cool thing.)

TBG, taking my meds...


M said...

Just trying to offer an alternative point of view to the starkly negative posts lately. Negative negative negative. Down with Democrats. Never anything pro-Republican though. Who's to say that option isn't worse?
I don't see any problem with the government helping out people in need. Not being in need myself, sure I would be willing to have some of my taxes go to that in case the need ever arose for me to ask for help. I don't plan on that, and I don't expect that. But who knows. That doesn't make me a straight out socialist. The idea itself has a socialist kind of flavor to it, but that's all I would take from it. When it comes to the economy, capitalism seems to curry favor with most of the population, as it does with me. But a land entirely run on competition of individuals? I don't trust it simply because I don't trust human nature. People will lie, cheat, and steal to get their head above the rest and keep others down.
Oh, I'm sorry. Are all comments supposed to counter all of the biased and unbiased points you make? *buzz* Wrong. Am I a Democrat? *buzz* Wrong. Am I voting for Obama? *buzz* Wrong. Should I continue or just unsubscribe now? I didn't disagree with your last post concerning the Urkel plan not being socialism. But so what? One stance on one topic leaning toward socialism doesn't make someone a socialist just because they agree with it. Life isn't as black and white as you would like it to be.
How is the dividend distribution in Alaska capitalism and not socialism? The oil doesn't belong to the people. Natural resources are state-owned. That means the state owns it, if you missed that part. When home fuel and gas costs soared this year, Palin raised taxes on oil companies and used some of the money to boost residents' checks by $1,200. Every eligible man, woman and child got a record $3,269 this fall. Seems like spreading the wealth to me.
Are you inferring anything else from what I'm writing, or am I being direct enough now? I hope no one reads your posts without doing their own fact checking as well since you clearly don't, simply spouting inanities as you see fit. Every single day I am leaning more and more toward dropping my party affiliation simply to distance myself from people whose opinions fall in the same line that yours apparently do.

M said...

Also, it's called Google. "is obama a socialist" That's how I found that article. Clearly other people question your opinions as well and would like to read another stance in order to try to establish a well-rounded point of view. You should consider doing that yourself some day.

T-Rav said...

Marc, I don't know who you are, but you sound like a pretty cool guy to me.

I would have to say ditto on Marc's response, except I am a democrat and I am voting for Obama (The socialist, Marxist, Communist, Terrorist Anti-Christ)

And get well soon TBG.

The Big Guy said...

Arguing just for the sake of arguing? Wow.

I do have a few comments, though...

The issue is not with the Gummint helping people. The problem is the Entitlement culture that such "help" has engendered.

One of the problems with Hussien's entire program and the Democratic party in general is exactly what you cite: Human Nature.
The that fact that a huge portion of the American public expects something for nothing. They expect to be cared for at someone else's cost.
You stated it very nicely:
"I don't trust it simply because I don't trust human nature. People will lie, cheat, and steal to get their head above the rest and keep others down."
Sounds like BHO to me...

Re: "How is the dividend distribution in Alaska capitalism and not socialism? The oil doesn't belong to the people."
It is when you take the money I EARN and give it to soemone else who didn't EARN it is when it becomes socialism.
Alaska's system might not be capitalism, but it sure doesn't seem like socialism.
If they adjusted the amount according to your income level
(People who make more money get less dividend, poorer folks get more) then you might have an argument.

Where is my fact-checking lacking?

And finally-

Google? Never heard of him.
I only know what I read in my local mullet-wrapper and hear on around the water cooler at work.

To your point, my "spouting inanities as you see fit", this is my blog. My opinion. I'm not obligated to present opposing viewpoints. I do, however, occasionally present well-written rebuttal to MY OPINION in the form of comments.
In this particular case, I want John McCain to win, not Barry Hussein "We're stealing the election in '08" Obama... Why would I present his case if I am against his election?
That makes no sense.

Glad you shared your thoughts with us...
I'll try to keep my "inanities" to a minimum.


PS, thanks Trav-
The ride over was a %$@*& joy. And the real capper, Delta lost my bag.
(All my clothes.)
And for me to buy clothes here is a nightmare...
But my ear is starting to get better.
See ya-