Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sitting Duck

Beijing Food Porn

The one memorable meal I've had in Beijing on this trip was the night we went to Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant.
Memorable for a good reason, that is... I remember Friday's Cheesy Cheeseburger...and the 3:00AM indigestion. A hard-learned lesson.

On previous trips to Beijing I have gone to other Roast Duck places with good results, but Stass the CodeMonkey and Craig from NBC said Da Dong prides itself on having the leanest Peking Duck available.
(Me? I like lean meat as much as the next lowai, but y'know, there's nothing wrong with a little duck fat between friends. Heh.)

So... We went to Da Dong...
(And every time I say the name I can only hear Long Duck Dong from the movie "Sixteen Candles" saying "Da Donger need food!")

Craig, having had the pleasure of dining here before, did the ordering...

Craig, Captain Jia, and Yours Truly...
Yes, I know... Don't faint. Yes, that's a beer in front of me.
No... There wasn't a bottle of Capt. Morgan for miles around.
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Scallops... Some of the best scallops I've ever had. Truly amazing.

I missed getting pics of some of the dishes... The boys were hungry and the food what was sot before us was quickly consumed with the gusto of a hound dog...

The grilled eel was awesome too...

I missed the bamboo shoots and the dragon beans, and the fried prawns were only on the table a few seconds before disappearing completely.

There were 7 of us... We ordered 3 roast ducks.
We could probably have gotten away with only ordering 2... Some of the guys weren't really duck aficionados... Barbarians.

The Duck Cutters went to town, carving the birds quickly and efficiently...

Beijing Duck Slicing Machine

The finished product...

Take a Chinese tortilla, a little hosin sauce, some duck meat, some celery and/or scallion and wrap it up like a Beijing Fajita...
(Sorry, no pics of that. Maybe next time.)

And the delicacy...

Some neck meat and...

...How about a little head with your dinner?

(Jaden, get your mind out of the gutter.)

This meal went a long way to dampen the memory of the debacle of the Beijing TGIFridays and dinner at Domino's Pizza in Wuzhou.

I want to go back to Quan Ju De and compare duck fat content...
Purely for research, of course. For the betterment of mankind.

I know... Such self-sacrifice.
The things I do to improve life for my fellow man.
Hard living...But someone has gotta do it.

TBG, just ducky.


SteamyKitchen said...

lol! i personally enjoy alive and perky head for dinner, not dead head.


The Big Guy said...

You are a bad, bad woman.

My favorite kind.