Friday, June 06, 2008

Mmm. Breakfast.

Braving food poisoning, I hit the breakfast buffet at the Crowne Plaza.
Last time I was at a big chain hotel in Beijing I got the worst case of food poisoning... 24 hours of pure hell...
Since it will be a long day at the field shop, I figured I'd fuel the machine...

All kinds of goodies at the buffet- cold cuts, fresh fruit, cereals, eggs prepared the way the pan-flipper wants, regardless of how you order them- it's comedy gold to watch a Brit guest order scrambled then watch the chef hand him 2 over easy. Hilarity ensues.

More goodies:
Free-range waffles, French toast made with the worst bread ever broiled, miso, fried noodles, mackerel, 3 kinds of dim sum, a do-it-yourself Natto bar (Ghod save us), 5 kinds congee (red bean with century egg is quite good) and a pickled vegetable bar with some great kimchi.

(Sorry about the poor Crackberry picture.)

TBG, hungry.

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