Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm not telling him. You tell him!

I just spent 40 minutes trying to get checked in for my flight to Shanghai...

40 minutes.

There were many ID checks and e-ticket verifications. Lots of different China Eastern Air employees would come and chat with the girl who was assisting me with my flight.

They would come over, look at my ticket, look at the screen, look at me, look back at the ticket, then a long conversation would ensue. The new person would depart and the poor girl would get a look of helplessness on her face, tell me "maiwenti" and the cycle would start over.

Having flown domestic airlines in China I have learned to value of patience and persistence.
I calmly waited at the counter.

Finally a Suit showed up, went through the same song and dance then finally addressed me.

Suit: Ah, very sorry. Your flight. It is...cancel.

(Long pause -waiting for my reaction)

I shrugged my shoulders. China Eastern has hourly flights to Shanghai. No big deal.

TBG: No flight at 10? Can you put me on 5108 at 11 o'clock?

Suit: Oh, maiwenti, maiwenti, no problem!

A quick conversation with the check-in girl and I was on my way...

Am I that scary, that they are afraid to give me bad news?

TBG, hanging at Beijing Capital Airport-


Luc said...


The Big Guy said...

Luc, next time I see you I'm kicking your ass.


Maybe there is some grounds for concern after all...



Anonymous said...

Well, try looking at it from her side. You're 4'11" in heels and dressed in a tight skirt...oh wait, get THAT mental picture out of my head.... Hmm, let's reverse this.

You are probably twice her height and 5 times her body mass. Add in the 'aesthetic' factor and yes, you probably are that scary.