Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NBA All Star Weekend - New Orleans


It's not Rocket Surgery...

We've been installing several miles of cables for our normal stats and clock feeds here in New Orleans for the NBA's All Star game... This year we're in New Orleans...
If you want to look back on last year's trip-to-hell, click here.

This year has been fun...

First- getting here... I had 4 equipment cases (laptops, modems, cables, etc) to drag along so I figured I'd save a little dough on excess baggage and airfare and drive over here from Jacksonville...
Wow. 10 hours behind the wheel, listening to podcasts and dodging deer & possums on I-10 across North Florida.

But... I made it.

Loads of fun here so far. It rained all day on Tuesday- It put us a little behind, but Bill L. and I got the arena TV truck compound cables run and tested before end of day today.
During the rain yesterday we hit the cabling for the Jam Session at the convention center and got that squared away, so we actually did OK.

Just a few pics of the going-on here in New Orleans...

John R working on some unique new server installed in the IT Trailer...

Tweaking the flux capacitor on the new server.

Testing the output

"Of course it works! The NBA IT Staff can install anything."


Elsewhere in New Orleans...

Signs of the Apocalypse

Two for $150...
Do that include installation?



I has it.

Yup. It's closed.

So sad.


TBG out-

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