Friday, February 29, 2008

After All-Star...Augusta.

I departed New Orleans none the worse for wear...
As a matter of fact, I got out at about 4:00AM on Sunday morning heading for Augusta.
I had a meeting at A Nice Golf Course there, tinkering about with Laser Beams and reflective prisms.

Eddie and Brian giving the Geodimeter a workout.

The guys from the PGA Tour were there and I absorbed all the info I could about PGA Tour's Laser equipment and how to configure the little monsters.

Amen Corner
It will look completely different by the first week of April.

Jingalls was on his way up to work on a screen projector so I offered to stay behind and help him. He and Jon VDW arrived just in time for Happy Hour at Hooters.

Jim was happy...

Can't you tell?

Dinner at Rinehart's... Mmmm. Shrimp and Oysters.

This was a bit odd...

This was just going on way too long...
It was more than just a "Glad to see you could make it" smooch.
This was more of a "Come over here by the jukebox where our boyfriends can't see us for just a minute and let me give you a proper hello."

Family establishment, my aching, dying ass.

Since we only had drinks at Hooters on Monday night, it was only fitting that we should go there on Tuesday for the Double Punch Lunch...

Jon, Belle and Jimbo.

Good times, good times.

TBG out-

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