Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Business - The PC and her Beau


New Business- Same Old Business

In as much as I had a weekend off at home this month, The Perfect Child and I went up the range to shoot some trap on this fine Saturday.
I suggested she bring her beau, Beau, along for the trip.

In my warped and twisted mind, it doesn't hurt to demonstrate that not only do I have a large number of firearms, I am generally proficient in their use.
Hence, the comments made to said Beau during the Christmas Holiday at the neighborhood good-cheer-and-eggnog party, basically "I have a shotgun, a shovel and a big backyard, and no one will miss you" will take on a whole new gravity.

It's no "American Gothic", but I'm not Grant Wood, either.

The PC awaiting her turn to shoot as Beau lines up his shot.

Another clay pigeon bites the dust.

They did OK...
He won the competition... He hit 13, and she only got 12...
(...or was she sandbagging? Hmmm...)

Me? 24 for 25, just for the record.

TBG, making a point.

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Anonymous said...

daddy your so silly and you know i was sandbaggin it lol