Saturday, February 24, 2007

Constant Readers getting testy...

"Come on! You haven't posted anything on your blog for 15 days, 7 hours and 10 minutes!!!"
- Luc from Montreal

Wow. Has it been that long?

Let's see... The 12th...NBA All Star in Vegas...multiply by clock issues, carry the nothin'... square the result... Damn. It has been a long time.

Ok... A recap.

All Star in Vegas.

A week-long bite-in-the-ass of problems, second-guessing, redundancy, and hours of testing and re-testing. A couple miles of cable and several fed-ex packages, and one long trip to a local laundromat... Sound fun? You bet.

Some sights from All Star 2007.

The Latin Twins,
Rios and Munoz...

Their mother still coordinates their outfits, even at events.

Brian Kabus

Napping duriing the pregame show...


The tricycle man.

Teresa- Purveyor of cookies and radios.

The Bearcom Girl.

Jeff Pozz
(The New Guy)

Part 1

and Part 2.

The culprits?

Bill Lee from the Help Desk...

You know, Big Guy, you're going to walk funny after I shove that camera up your...nose."

In game mode...

Everyone "enjoying" the game...

So after it was all said and done getting home was a joy for some people...
If you were flying Southwest out of McCarran, you were in for a shock...

The check-in line was (really) a mile long.
It snaked around inside the terminal several times, then out the door and down the sidewalk, then down the road to another terminal. Literally, a full mile.

And it wasn't only on Monday... It was the same way Tuesday...
Lots of angry people...lots of missed flights.

Final Thoughts?

What goes on in Vegas... (i.e. Cash Withrdrawl from ATM)
Stays in Vegas. (Usually at the craps table.)

TBG, Out- (Out of cash, that is.)

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