Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not a sign that will get you on TV

P2 and L3 both sent me this little jewel… Thanks y'all.

I think they wanted me to comment on the grammatical issues inherent in the young lady’s sign...

It should either read
"Put it in my five-hole, Sidney"
"Sidney, put it in my five-hole"
Maybe it is correct… Perhaps she has a five hole named Sidney.
She needs some brushing up on her comma and hyphen usage.
(Lessons at Uncle Jay’s School O’ Grammar available for a nominal charge.)

Other slogans that her boyfriend wouldn't let her use:
"You can high stick me anytime"
"You're always welcome in my crease"
"Slap your vulcanized rubber disc into my netting, by which I mean 'do me!' you teenage Nova Scotian."
"Put your biscuit in my basket"
"Come on over to my place and I'll pull your goalie"

I think there is a joke about "Melon Arena" as well.

Unhappy ending to the whole sordid affair-
She got a 2 minute penalty for hooking.

For the Hockey challenged...

Famous, out-

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