Saturday, June 18, 2016

Are You F'ing Kidding Me - Indy Edition.

I was doing a little research on places to eat while I am here in Indy...

SMT Operations Priorities:
Noobs discuss star athletes at events;
Veterans discuss venues and stat feeds;
Real Veterans discuss local restaurants.
Since I am dug in here like an Alabama tick, I have to do a lot of research.
I did a little poking about, looking at popular local places here in Indy.
Way back when I was here with the NBA Finals (2000 I think...) we went to St. Elmos Steakhouse one night on the NBA TV dime. (They have better expense accounts than I do.)
The steak was good, but they are known for their shrimp cocktail...
(And really just for their cocktail sauce.)

The AYFKM part?

This is the serving at St.Elmo's or Harry & Izzy's.
4 shrimp. $15.00


15 bucks will get you 2 POUNDS of 10-15 Head-on shrimp at Safe Harbor in Mayport back home.

That's why I have problems eating seafood away from home.
(And by Home I mean The Estrogen Palace, not just back in Jax Beach.)

TBG - - Exit - Pursued by Penaeus duorarum


Old NFO said...

Yep, WAY too overpriced... CHeck out the places that Tam and Bobbie frequent. Good and affordable both!!!

Jason VanLanduyt said...

You DO know you're a couple miles from the gulf, right? Why don't you try a steak?

Borepatch said...

I like to cook, and have gotten to the point where I'm good enough that restaurants are often disappointing.

Every now and then I do run across something worth pointing out: the coffee marinated steak at Stoney River is outstanding, and reasonably priced ($22 or so in Roswell, GA).

Still need to explore up here. Let me know if you're ever in the DC area.