Friday, February 12, 2016

Observations: Toronto

Lester Pearson sucks.
(The airport, not Lester himself. At least I assume. I've never met him.)
Canada C&I - Nexus is awesome.
Jeebus it's COLD!!
Downtown Toronto has some great undergound passages to get from one place to another... I assume some Torontonians don't see the sky between November and April.
If you're looking for good Chinese food downtown, Hong Shing on Dundas is a good place to go. If time and travel are not an issue, head out to Markham or Richmond Hill. Tell 'em Uncle Jay sent you.
In Toronto, even if you have a rental car, Uber is your friend. (At least for the moment.) Taxis and parking are stupid expensive.
There is a preponderance of Bernie '16, Feel the Bern, and Hillary! bumper stickers on Ontario-tagged cars.
Too many for my taste...
Tells me everything I want to know about the average Canadian's  Socialist/Progressive leanings.
Stay in your lane, assholes. We're trying to run and election down here south of 48 degrees. If you want a say in our politics, pony up, immigrate legally, and pay your fucking share of taxes down here.
Otherwise, STFU.
Did I mention it's fucking COLD here?
Good poutine is pretty good.
Bad poutine is fucking awful.
For a red meat fix downtown, Copacabana Rodizio on Adelaide St. can put you in a meat coma in short order.
The parmesan sirloin is amazing. And the cinnamon pineapple is to die for.
There is a dearth of signage at Lester Pearson... Hey airport authority, how about some signage on the train, the parking garages, and some of the smaller access roads.
F this place. I'm outta here.
It's too fucking cold.


Luc said...

Don't eat poutine in Ontario man, geeez. it was -10F this morning. Had to wear socks in my sandals.

Col Mustard said...

Seriously...could you mutha FUCKIN Americans show up during summer...if you're going to be such bitches when it's cold

Ben Catoe said...

At least he remembered his coat this time.