Friday, February 05, 2016

Australia Items 2015-2016 - Part 3

Continuing our excursion around Sydney...

We headed out to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.
Our first stop was near Wentworth Falls near Katoomba.

The walk we took was amazing- the trails were lots of fun...
We stuck to the cliffs... Much better than hiking down to the bottom of the falls, then back up again.

Thanks Captain Obvious-

The Woman really had fun on this hike-

Waiting out the rain under the cliffs.

There were several spots where modern-day aboriginals (other hikers) did some finger-painting...

Other hikers would get their hands in the white clay along the trail and make their mark.

Next stop was out at Echo Point, a rock formation called Three Sisters...

We were a little famished on our way back.
The Woman had asked about native Australian cuisine and it took me a bit of imagination to
come up with a proper Aussie meal. I took her to Harry's Cafe de Wheels-a local landmark for
pies and mushy peas...

In the evening we had been enjoying the Australia vs West Indies cricket test on the TV.
The KFC Big Bash  T-20 cricket was playing in the Sydney Olympic Park, so we got tickets to go see a match in person...
The Big Bash is Short Attention Span Cricket- 20 overs (6 legal deliveries per over), and plays in about 3 to 4 hours. Much better than the 5-full day regular matches.

It's a fun time for the spectators- lots of pyro, easy to follow play, cheerleaders, lots of noise and music.
And- as this is Australia- don't even think about trying to get a beer in a reasonable amount of time.
The lines for beer were the longest wait- food & snacks were relatively short- took me 35 minutes to get some refreshing beverages for The Woman and I.




Old NFO said...

I'm not seeing any pictures, but glad y'all had fun!

Luc said...

I'm not seeing them either BWAHAAAAAAAA!!

jon spencer said...

I do see the picture on Part 3, did not see the pictures on Parts one and two.
Although on the RSS feed the pictures on all three parts were visible.