Saturday, February 06, 2016

Australia Items 2015-2016 - Part 4

Australia with The Woman Who Knows Most Things - 2015-2016

We headed back down to Darlington Harbour and the downtown area-
Lord Nelson's was our fisrt stop after a quick walkaround of the Barangaroo Reserve.

A Three Sheets ale for The Woman, and a nice cider for me, then we walked around downtown for a bit, doing a recon for New Year's Eve, then headed to yet another microbrewery-

Young Henry Brewery.

The Woman picking out her flight of beers...

Mmmm. Tasty ales!

They had some great artwork on the walls of the brewery and tasting room.

I like a good skull-motif mural.

Next - a visit with some locals- a mob of gray 'roos enjoying a lazy afternoon...

We walked around Taronga Zoo to wile away the afternoon, enjoying some of the local fauna.

A pensive wallaby and some uninterested quokkas just hanging out...

After the Zoo we headed to Manly to check out the beach and (quelle surprise) another brewery-
4 Pines.

Jen and her flight...

...And a ginger beer for The Big Guy.



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Old NFO said...

Pictures now working! Glad it went well, and the harbor is an 'interesting' place... :-) Did you go by the aboriginal art shop? Actually probably better for the wallet if you missed it!