Wednesday, September 03, 2014

AAR - Singapore - Dinner

We arrived at the same time- Mark's a big ol' boy from Georgia (State of, and a UGA grad to boot) who works for a big intentional manufacturer.
We did cause a bit of a stir- two 6'+ Americans invading a little local joint...

Good conversation, good food-
We selected 5 or so dishes- One of the highlights of the meal was the KungPo (Gōngbǎo) chicken (which is so different that what you get in the 'States...)

You had to go prospecting through the dried chilies to find the nuggets of fiery chicken.
Sooo good.

The other highlight was the spicy ribs-

Amazing... Spicy, meaty ribs.
Man, I wish I could find a place in the 'States that does ribs like this...
They reminded me of the ribs at DinShuiDong in Shnaghai.
Remember these?

After dinner I folded myself into a cab and headed back to the hotel... It was almost 10pm-
I set my alarm with following schedule in mind:

5:30 Alarm
6:00 Breakfast
6:30 Walkabout
7:30 SSS
8:30 Head to the Arena.

Tomorrow was going to be another bite in the ass...


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Old NFO said...

At least you got some good food! :-)