Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cell Phone Issues

Had cell phone issues yesterday morning.

Phone would ring then reboot. When I'd make a call it would go through all the motions including the "you are connected- go ahead" beep, but I would never hear anything.

It was working- I called the home phone, it rang - but I never heard the connection or ring on the cell phone end. Hmm.

It took a hard reset- remove the battery for 30 seconds then restart- to get it working again.
That fixes most issues.

Now that I reflect on it- even that didn't work with the last mobile phone issue I had...
I removed the battery and restarted-

Nope- no change...
The reboot didn't fix it.



jon spencer said...

How far did you boot it?

Southern Belle said...

did you crack that screen when booting it?