Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living My Life Like A Song - Part 2

(The saga continues... See part one here.)

I originally started this blog was to document some of the things I do, the places I go, and the people I meet. People would ask about my job and I'd draw a blank, so I figured this would be a way to keep up.
Sometimes the stuff I write is about work experiences, sometime it's things that piss me off or make me laugh. I'm not the most disciplined writer, and I sometimes have writers ADD... I start trying to tell a story and I either get off on a tangent or...squirrel! and I lose the track of my thoughts...

Telling the stories sometimes requires changing names to protect the innocent (or guilty) but when you're dog-paddling in an excessively small gene pool at work, people figure out who the story was about pretty quickly.
Stories like "Eight Dollars?!" from Paris or the stories from A Nice Golf Course, or tales from the Big Apple Tennis Gig, or the time a UF cheerleader made a taxi driver cry, or stories of my sordid youth in the Keys...
If I could only get them down on paper, get them edited, find a mentally-unbalanced publisher and get it printed, I too could have authored a book stacked 10-high in the "three for a dollar" bin at Books-A-Million.

If I could tell half of the stories
The funny way most things begin
Figure ways to disguise all the half truths and lies
Find the heart of my song with the point of a pen
Simple words can be come clever phrases
And chapters could turn into books
Yes if I could just get it on paper
But it's harder than it ever looks.

All alone in the edge of the water
Hidin' out by the Sea of Cortez
With my sketch pads and Flairs
Tapes and battery spares
It's just no comprehendo to what everyone says

Time alone seemed to work well for Faulkner
Time away seems to work for the kid
Life and ink they run out at the same time
Or so said my old friend the squid

Yes if I could just get it on paper tonight
I could tell you what I think I did
   -      If I could Just Get It On Paper - Jimmy Buffett
Like the song says, one of these days I will make the time, get away from the Internet, the gun range, and all the other distractions in my life, sit on a beach somewhere and try to get all the good stuff down on paper...

(Note to the PC- If Hollyweird wants to buy the rights, make sure you get final approval on who plays me in the movie. Make 'em get Vinnie Jones.)



Old NFO said...

LOL, yeah, I'd read it... Since I just 'might' be in the book... :-)

The Big Guy said...

Yeah, you'd be in there.
Along with all the rest of the cool kids...

Luc said...

To play TWWKMT I'd pick Catherine Zeta Jones and for the PC a younger version of Brooke Shields.

Bug said...

Hmmm, wouldn't this guy be a better fit for you?