Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just for the Record

1.  I'm still alive.

2.  I survived riding the FJR (who now has a name) to Dallas.

2.a I stopped at a place that according to Alton Brown has the best fried chicken in the USA.  He lied.

3.  I survived a front-tire blowout while traveling 79mph in Louisiana.

4.  I had dinner with some really really really cool people.

5.  I met even more cool people with lots of firearms.

6.  I converted money into lots of noise (and fun).

7.  I got rained on. A lot.

8.  I got rained on some more.

9.  I survived riding back from Dallas. In the rain.

10. I did not get pulled over and have to explain why I had enough weaponry on my bike to overthrow a small country.
(It's wasn't the number of weapons, it was the combined caliber.)

11. 6,000 18-Wheelers in the left lane @ 75mph + 38,000,000 gallons of  rain + 1300cc motorcycle packed to maximum density = black eye/busted lip when you ask the drenched ogre: "Hey man... It's a little wet to be ridin' a motorsickle, ain't it?" at an I-10 Gas-&-Go.

All these tales shall be told... As soon as I dry out a little more....



Teke said...

Glad to hear your home in one piece.
Well for the most part.

Irish said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

I bet you can't wait to do THAT again.

On a serious note, glad you survived, especially the blowout. I bet you had to wash your skivvies twice when you got home ;)

Bob S. said...

Glad you made it here and back again in one piece.
Could you add to the list of tales to be told "And then they TAZED the snake"?

I still don't have that story and from that snippet it sounds 'interesting'.

Hate to hear you had a blow out but glad you could join our little get together. It was a pleasure meeting you sir.

Old NFO said...

LOL< lokking forward to the 'rest' of the story...

kx59 said...

With the rain and the wreck on 45 near Corsicana, it took us 5 hours to get home (normal would be 3). Every time I got impatient, I thought,"and TBG is on a motorcyle in this mess".
Does the rain knock down the skunk roadkill smell any?
Maybe it's time to shop for a used Honda Element?
Happy to hear you made it back safe and sound (although a bit waterlogged).

deadcenter said...

Come to Arizona, we have free heat.

Theredneckengineer said...

It was great meeting you at DAB II. Sorry to hear about the blowout and all the rain on the way, but hopefully both destinations made the trip worthwhile.

Bug said...


Glad you're ok. Can't wait for the rest of the tales.