Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV Sports Announcer Dumbassry

I caught a good bit of last week's South Carolina / Arkansas game and I'm watching today's Florida /South Carolina game and chatting with The Woman...
Announcers talk just to make noise.
It drives me nuts to hear someone makes a comment like "...the receivers really need make those catches".
Uh, ya think so?

I'm not a Spurrier fan...
He brought a fan base to my alma mater that I really detest:
People with no ties to the school, except liking the take-no-prisoners style of football and a cool mascot.
A huge majority of Florida fans didn't even GO to college, let alone UF.

The CBS announcers constantly refer to him by his monniker of "The Ol' Ball Coach"...except they keep screwing it up calling him "Ol' Head Coach" or "Head Ball Coach" and as usual they are driving it into the ground...

The Woman: "We could make a drinking game out of this...
Every time they call him that, or when they make a 'Captain Obvious' statement like 'They really need to pick up that first down...'  you have to drink."
Yours Truly: "You're going to need another case of beer and I need a bigger bottle of rum."

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