Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tech Tips - #246r.3

-or, how I spent my day in Dallas

When seating cards in an Evertz frame chassis,
Press the card in as hard as possible.

Then press even harder.

Only then will the card seat completely and start to function properly.
Seems that the chassis have a TFS that is set at a pretty high threshold.

TBG - Dallas, westbound.

(TFS? That would be the Technician Frustration Sensor.)


Teke said...

OOOhhhh pretty blinky lights....

Borepatch said...

If you press too hard, you'll hear a "snap" as the card enters Secure Mode. You can visually verify that it is in Secure Mode, because the green blinkenlights will be "secure" (dark).

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm stuck in Dallas too the next week or so!