Saturday, October 08, 2011

O2 World Arena - SRO

(This is only interesting if you are into arena minutiae...)
We seem to be missing some seats in the north end zone.

I asked one of the arena guys what the story was... It's the Standing Room Only section...
The crowd loves it... They get packed in like sardines.

Nothing like standing for 2+ hours amongst a ton of people that have only a fleeting relationship with soap and deodorant.



kx59 said...

At Texas A&M, we referred to that as the "student" section. Twelfth man tradition and all that, standing at the ready the whole freaking game.

J3 said...

TBG - I started a new blog...


was thinking about the fun we had in Shanghai the other day when you killed those brits about the kyoto protocol.... I should never have stopped blogging... Want to hit up a post about u as my blogfather - let me know if it is cool - I will be
James Stawecki