Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My.

Gonna hafta start saving my pennies...
Saw two of these at Shooters yesterday at lunchtime.

TDI - Kriss Super V, in .45 Caliber

Let's see, if  cashed in all my jars of loose change, and I sell the Makarov, the Snake Slayer, and maybe one or two of the shotguns...then mowed lawns, washed cars, and did a little late-evening "Can I see your ID sir?" part-time stuff I might be able to afford to buy this beast, and more importantly, feed the bitch...

Mmmmm. Daddy wants.... And I'm not even a .45 kinda guy.

UPDATE 1/25/11:
For the MANY people that commented on this post (by comment, several emails and in 2 cases, by telephone):
You are letting Hollywood warp your thinking into believing that anything that looks so evil has to be a 6000-rounds-per-minute death-spewing full-auto weapon.
Sorry to pop your bubble.
(As in "What the hell do you need a machine gun for?")

Yes, it's ugly, black and tactical-looking, but it only shoot one boolit at a time, one for each time the trigger is pulled, just like any other commonly available legal firearm.

Before you cast aspersions and show that your knowledge of firearms is only what you saw in a Bruce Willis movie, take some time to do a little research...
Hollywood = Entertainment. PERIOD.
It's insanely bad that Hollywood thinks it's their job to tell you how to vote and how to think.
It's worse that you believe everything you see on the screen.



Luc said...

And what, pray tell, will you do with such a beast? Surely, you can't bring one of those at your shooting club?? (I know, don't call you Shirley)

The Big Guy said...

Of course I'll take it to the range...

The CRB/SO (Carbine, SemiAuto Only) is the only one easily and (relatively economically) available to civilians...

There is a SBR (short barreled rifle) and a SMG (Sub Machine Gun) version, but they are mostly for the military and law enforcement market.

The SMG and the SBR can be purchased by the general public, but there are several reams of paperwork and some additional taxes (several hundred dollars) that are also necessary...
At that point care and feeding really become an issue- in full rock-and-roll mode that critter will burn up $50 in .45 in less than a second.
No good reason for having the full-auto version.


Luc said...

As a Canadian, I'm officially appalled and disgusted with such a blatant display of typical American infatuation with dangerous firearms ... but I wouldn't mind trying one of those critters ;)

Bug said...

Well Luc,
somebody has to learn to defend this continent, the Canadians certainly can't (since none of them ever go within 15 meters of a gun).

Bradley said...

Yeah it does not do anything for me, the only version i would want i cant have, yet, the SMG is post 94 so its LEO/Military/Gov agency only(aint that a crime). I would rather have a Tommy, looks better and there are more then a few pre-94 on the list so you can buy them as a lowly civilian/citizen.

Luc said...

Hey Bug,

You and I both know that's not true, but since other less informed readers do visit this site I'd like to mention that thousands of Canadians did die with valour (yeah I spell it with a U) in WWII in conflicts such as D-Day and the Battle of Normandy to name a few. More recently, hundreds of Canadians have died in Afghanistan. Puh-leaze, don't get us confused with zee French, totally different breed.

Besides, we weren't really discussing the merit of taking arms to defend one's country and beliefs but about a nice piece of hardware that will put big holes in paper targets no? Which is something TBG suppose to teach me next time I get my ass in JAX. You can pay for the ammunition Bug ok? ;)

I do get it when an citizen wants to arm himself to protect his home and family. And unfortunately the way the world is going, it may be something I may look into one day. Why not? If a good ol' southern boy from Florida can ski, why can this Canuck learn how to shoot?

Y'all have a good day now ya hear!

PS. I love grits also. Scary huh?

Bug said...

I had intended that with more humour (there, I used a 'u' for you)than how it came across. I think you got at least part of that, or at least I hope so.

I certainly was not intending to impune the Canadians as cowards. It was more a snarky comment about the Canadians not being able to defend the their share of North America without the help of the USA. Again, in all fairness, your population is much smaller than your land area, so that would be pretty difficult.

Nobody wants the USA 'meddling' until they get into trouble, then the whole world is beating us up for not having gotten involved earlier.

The amount of grief we got (and still get) for going into Kuwait from the various Arab interests is a good example. None of them wanted Saddam's murderous regime to have the money pouring out of the Kuwaiti oil fields, but none of them could do anything about it.
/end rant

Luc, it is refreshing to hear a Canadian talk about the need to be able to defend one's home. Sorry if I had improperly lumped you in with most liberals. I just get so tired of hearing people like Rosie O'Donnell saying that "there is no reason for anyone to own a gun" and yet has an armed bodyguard. A lot of liberals just seem to live in this idealist place rather than reality. In an ideal world, a cop would always be there to stop someone from doing me harm, but the reality is that if I want a bad guy stopped then I'll probably have to stop him myself.

I'd be happy to go shooting with you when you're down here. Typical liberal wants someone else to pay the bill for the ammo.