Thursday, January 06, 2011

Flying Assholes

Y'know, I thought it would be hard for a US-based airline to beat Continental for being overall Asshats, but Delta has overtaken them and is in the running for The Most Shitty Airline In The World.
In the last 2 years Continental has gone downhill badly, becoming unpleasant AND overpriced, with crappy gate and ticket attendants...
Delta calls with shitty attitudes in all personnel, flight crews and terminal staff alike, non-existent customer service and a most uncomfortable ride...

There was a Leprechaun two rows behind me bitching about legroom, so you can imagine my discomfort.
Congrats, Delta.
Your airline is a steaming pile of rhinoceros feces.

More to come, I'm sure.


(Edited to correct egregious spelling errors)


Borepatch said...

Don't hide your feelings, Jay - tell us what you really think ...

All I can say is that ALL airlines have gone way down hill in the last 10 years. I used to be Platinum on Delta (and used to be in both the Crown Room and Ambassador's Club), and not I'll do anything I can think of to avoid flying.

Southern Belle said...

I think that the only enjoyable airline these days is Southwest. Also, last time I flew with them, they didn't charge me for having luggage which was nice.

I remember the good old days when the pilot took pride in a nice, smooth landing. Now, they just slam it down on the runway and bounce you all over the place (which is why you have to wear a seatbelt when landing).

I think that it's because they are trying to get flights in and out of there so fast, at any rate, I hate flying now days, it's a pain.