Sunday, January 09, 2011

Autocorrect is Satan

There is so much shit flying around regarding the Tucson shooting, it's hard to tell fact from fiction, supposition, rhetoric and sensationalism.
I'll wait until some concrete facts are provided before commenting.

I will quote a recent missive I penned in regards to the issue:
"... it pisses me off too. Killing anyone is a fucking tragedy. Violence is never an answer for any question or problem- we both know this.
But along with the senseless violence comes the assholes and opportunists that want to capitalize on the situation.
Gun Control nutjobs (Paul Helmke, etc) are doing their blood dance, now that they have fresh meat to dangle in front of the cameras.
You have far-Left groups using this tragedy as a fund-raising opportunity.
Pretty sleazy, if you ask me."
That's all on that for the moment...

Let's get into something a little lighter-

Has Autocorrect on your cell phone or other SMS device ever thrown you under the bus?

Ya gotta watch those things every second... They'll screw you over every chance they get.


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Borepatch said...


And autocorrect is "santa"? ;-)