Monday, June 21, 2010

Overheard Whilst Sitting in the Pool

 Mrs Jingalls [after being on the telephone w/ her son]: "It must be something genetic... [Bingalls] was throwing up all night last night too."
C : "Too?"
Jingalls: "I was too. Seeing that Grouper Provencal* that I had for dinner last night again at 3:00 this morning wasn't very pretty."
TBG: "Must be a long distance father-son connection- Sympathetic Vomit.
C: "Sympathetic Vomit... That's great."
TBG: "Yeah- I think that's a band..."
C: "If it's not, it should be. They could do songs like Elton John's "Don't let the sun throw up on me"


And now I see that here is an actual list of vomit songs...

*From our Clueless Waiter Division- Steer clear of Sparky's Landing if you like competency in your waitsatff,
the chef would have skewered our (very pushy) waiter for describing aforementioned Grouper Provencal as "Traditional Greek" since they threw a handful of black olives on it. 
More on Sparky's later...


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