Monday, October 12, 2009

Reading Material

It would be wise to read Robert W Service and Jack London (and perhaps a narrative of the Shackleford Expeditions) before you brave the Arctic Circle.

And although Euell Gibbons* would tell you that many parts of a pine tree are edible,
It wouldn't hurt to read Alive by Piers Paul Read, because parts of Homo Sapiens are tastier than a Norwegian Fir.

For those who are interested in this sort of thing, TBG's current read: Stalins Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith


* - Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop was one of my favorite Gibbons books..

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T-Rav said...

We're reading similar material - although mine is non-fiction. I just finished The Angel of Grozny - basically a Russian/Chechan thing about the conflict and its affect on those involved. And for true coincidence, it was written by a Norwegian.
I just started Agent ZigZag - about a British double agent with the germans. That's it for my book list.