Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Toy

I'm thinking very seriously about picking up yet another new shootin' iron...

A Bond Arms Snake Slayer. 3.5" barrel; Fires either .410 or .45 Long Colt.

First derringer that feels half-way decent in my island-sized paw...
Bond Arms also sells different caliber barrels, from .22 to .44-40
Quite the versatile little monster.

TBG- Thinking about breaking into the VStrom fund...again.



T-Rav said...

I LIKE THAT! Do we get a group discount if we buy 2?

The Big Guy said...

In what twisted world does "2" constitute a "group"?

Serially, though...
I talked to my gun guy, he has 2 in his case priced at $439.00 each, said he'd go $420 on them if I was really interested.

(You DO have all your NC paperwork, don't you?)