Monday, September 08, 2008

Next Port-of-Call

Barring any surprises, my next event is here:

Looks like loads of fun...

Weather in Stockholm in October: Bloody Cold.

Weather/Sunlight Statistics
Average hours of sunlight:
Jan 1 hour
Feb 3 hours
Mar 5 hours
Apr 7 hours
May 9 hours
Jun 11 hours
Jul 10 hours
Aug 8 hours
Sep 6 hours
Oct 3 hours <-------
Nov 1 hours
Dec 1 hours

Average Precipitation (mm):
Jan 43 mm
Feb 30 mm
Mar 25 mm
Apr 31 mm
May 34 mm
Jun 45 mm
Jul 61 mm
Aug 76 mm
Sep 60 mm
Oct 48 mm <------
Nov 53 mm
Dec 48 mm

Number of wet days (more than 0,25mm):
Jan 16 days
Feb 14 days
Mar 10 days
Apr 11 days
May 11 days
Jun 13 days
Jul 13 days
Aug 14 days
Sep 14 days
Oct 15 days <------
Nov 16 days
Dec 17 days

Holy Crap.

Hector's doing the games in Prague...


Things to do in Prague

I guess I'll just have to console myself with this thought:

TBG out-


Bug said...

/me predicts TBG will try his patented "I forgot my coat" trick again, he's a tad stubborn.

The Mighty Skunk said...

Don't worry about the weather, TBG. I've been to The Globe five times for tennis. The hotel is attached to the stadium, and the shopping mall across the plaza is accessible through an indoor tunnel.

The only time you'll really have to be outdoors - unless you really want to - is on the ride to and from the airport.

So unless you want to venture down into Stockholm, you could - in theory - pack only t-shirts and a couple of pairs of jeans, and you'd be perfectly comfortable.

Two warnings, however. (1) The beds at the hotel are extremely small. My feet and elbows hung over the sides. (2) The last time I was there, MTV Europe was having an Abba Week tribute, during which they played Abba songs 24 hours a day for a week. The TV in the hotel lobby was tuned to MTV and cranked up the entire time.

Enough said.