Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Addition to the Family

While I was out wandering the streets of Beijing, the Perfect Child was given the Gift That Keeps On Giving for her 15th birthday, in the form of a four-footed set of needle-sharp teeth covered with fur.

To wit: Bozie

Oh, she's a charmer... Until the fangs are deep in your unprotected flesh.

And of course all four-footed members of The Estrogen Palace are bone-a-fide Georgia Dawgs, especially on game days.

And of course, she is getting full training and conditioning for her duties as such.
Here she is working on her bar tending skills.

The picture of innocence...

"Oh? Did someone chew something up? Couldn't have been me... I was right here all day.
You might want to go see the big spotty dog. I hear she has a thing for your shoes."

You might be wondering how The Spotted Appetite is handling this intrusion into her golden years.

The Matriarch and The Ingénue.

I'm still trying to decide whom to kill; the dog (obviously), The Boyfriend - for giving her the beast, or the Perfect Child for suggesting that a puppy might be the perfect gift.

TBG- losing a pint of blood every day...


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