Thursday, October 11, 2007



Just some misc pics from recent travels, and a bit o' news about current events.

My favorite bars in NYC...
(Fortunately they are right across the street from one another.)

Under the Volcano
(From Malcolm Lowry's Book of the same name)

A tequila and rum bar on 36th st.

And the Ginger Man...

Photo Op

We got a chance to see Lord Stanley's Cup during the game...

London Crew

The guys from the Anaheim Ducks and the LA Kings
who did stats for the games along with the volunteers who helped out.

Yours Truly and Sean W, gettin' tight with Stanley.

The Venue

The O2 Arena down in the Docklands of London.

It's a pretty cool arena. Good back-of-house space.
Right on the Jubilee Line...and conveniently located on the
Prime Meridian.

HITS Setup

Stats Crew Positions a bit of an oblique view, but good none the less.

A dinner of note...
A hamburger joint inside the O2 is called Johnny Monaco's.
(Not the band/singer "Johnny Manaco")
Dinner is a bit pricy- a Burger and fries and a drink is around 22 pounds.
That's $44.00. Ouch.
The really bad news? That's about average.
Very expensive eats in Merrie olde London.

Love Sauce

I've got your love sauce *right here*.


Steve G., our man from Daktronics took one for the team while in London.
Seems he was trying to walk through one wall of his room while heading for the WC and ran into a mirror. It dropped off the hook on the wall and landed on his foot.

He took care of business and went back to bed...
In the morning he got a look at the actual damage...

Someone call CSI...
Looks like (ominous music) MURDER.

If it feels bad as it looks...

...I don't know how he was walking on it.

It was an interesting trip... I did get to see one segment of the London subway system, and the O2 was pretty cool...
But otherwise, I need to start scheduling a couple days in-country on these trips so I get to see something other than the arena and the hotel.

I plan on doing that Real Soon Now... Much to the displeasure of others.

TBG - Somewhere over China


Annie said...

So how did you get the shot of the WC from the ceiling???? Damn, you're good, Spiderman.

The Big Guy said...

I'm not sure how he did it...
(Rest assured I was not in some other guy's room taking pics in his bathroom. I'm weird, but I ain't *that* weird.)