Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun on the Menu - Macao 2007

I was walking through the food court in the Venetian Casino here in Macao when I saw this menu at a Japanese restaurant...

I am NOT eating here.

(If this is a puzzlement to you click here...)

I have a passable knowledge of taxonomy...

...I just can't figure out how ANYONE classifies goose liver as seafood. I just don't get it.

And one last one...

A not-so-subliminal message from McSorley's in Macao... has to assume they are referring to the waitstaff.

TBG, out-


Luc said...

THAT is why I keep reading your blog. It's the education one gets from it. Thanks for the link to the urban dictionary. I was puzzled. Blame the language barrier. No, there are no equivalent in French: we are not barbarians.

Looks like you have time to do some sight seeing. Good.

The Big Guy said...

[spoken with a gentle, good-natured trying-to-be-funny-not-insulting voice]

You are not barbarians? True-
You are French and Canadian.
So you are obnoxious and dull, but not barbarous.

Not sightseeing at all...
The NHL could take a lesson from The Other League. We are holding the basketball games in the Venetian Arena, which is *inside* the Venetian Hotel/Casino.
My commute to work...take the elevator to the 2nd floor, walk 100 yards, and Bob's your uncle, I'm in the arena.
No taxi, no rental car, no subway.
(The downside is that I haven't seen the sun in 3 days. Not that you could see the sun through the smog/haze. But that is a different post. Heh.)


Luc said...

I write this as I get another *&^#%@# call at 2:00AM from your buddies at the help desk. Negative timestamp huh? Figures you people from IDS would figure out a way to go back in time ... but I digress.

Obnoxious and dull you say? One would think so but it's like mixing 2 foul ingredients and getting a concoction that is surprisingly pleasant. This could have been one of those "right back in your face mister" moment if I could have just remembered one good example. Damn!

As for your commute: lucky bastard!
I vote we do the All*Star game in Vegas. Ya baby!

Now, why am I commenting on your blog when I should be sleeping???


Bug said...

I thought the French had a word for everything even remotely sexual?

The Big Guy said...

Actually, I believe the
the French & Canadians have a word for it...

Let's give her the old poutine!

Luc said...

Oh great! Thank you soooo much for the visual. Guess what? I'll never eat another one again. Ugh!