Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SMS Conversation: Luc & TBG

Upon departure from Lunch in lovely downtown Montreal,
Luc gave Hot Boy a tour of the NHL (or if your are Canadian, LNH) offices.
I had to get back to Centre Bell and continue to work...

We suspect that Hot Boy, sad to say, is not the sharpest blade in the pack...
Luc and I both wondered about his ability to follow the breadcrumbs back to the arena from the office.
He is a pop culture desert, never having seen even the basic Guy-Movies...
Caddyshack, Full Metal Jacket, American Pie, and even classics like The Godfather are unknown to him, and any movie quotes or references make a whooshing noise as they fly past him, unnoticed.

What with all the women throwing themselves at him, I am continually amazed at the low standards of women. (All women, and American women especially. I'm not sure, say, a Russian woman would swoon in the presence of the Hot Boy, but it sure happens on this continent.

The following is the transcript of the text messages between Luc & Yours Truly:

Luc: He's on his way back
Luc: I'm going to poll the receptionist (20 something) about his hottie status
The Big Guy: Cool! Thanks for showing him around. And let me know what she says.
Luc: He's ok for an American. lol
The Big Guy: Lol!
The Big Guy: That will take him down a peg or two.
Luc: Cause we all know how butt ugly y'all are!! Lol
The Big Guy: Ouch!
Luc: Present company excepted...
Luc: And his family
The Big Guy: I'm sure! Lol
Luc: Ok so official rating on ryan is he's an 8. She would definitely let him by her a drink. Another good point: he doesn't seem full of himself.
The Big Guy: Wow. Distressing. I thought Canadian girls had better taste.
Luc: Lol
Luc: But her first impression was lower. She had to think about it.
The Big Guy: Still sad. After analyzing, she still couldn't see past the spiked hair and boyish grin to the shallow mind and inferior gene pool. I weep for the women of tomorrow.
Luc: Ah man. Another one here said "where's the hottie??"
Luc: Sad indeed
The Big Guy: Damn. That's just a damn shame.
Luc: Let me know if he made it back alright.
The Big Guy: He's back... 37 minutes. But he said stopped to chat up some poor low-IQ Canadian girl.
Luc: Not about movies that's for sure lol
Luc: Damn shame (shaking head)

We shall draw the curtain of charity upon the scene...

TBG out-

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