Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Odd Eats


Are you sure you want to eat here?
-Phoenix AZ-

At the corner of 44th and Thomas Rd sits a converted Jack-in-the-Box...

Now called...

That's right. Heart Attack Grill.

Now...Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool to have a gimmick...
In this case, the menu is succinct and to-the-point. They stick with what they know...
They only serve stuff calculated to kill you.

The Menu:

An $8.00 Cheeseburger (complete with 2 kinds of cheese and Queso sauce to boot!
And where else can you get lard-cooked chips? And cigarettes on the menu?

To top it off- Just so's you can get your daily carcinogens,

They really flame-broil the burgers...
And you'll also see another gimmick... Costumes.
The kitchen staff wears surgical scrubs.
The manager wears a doctor's lab coat and stethoscope;

And of course, the waitresses.
...Well... Here you go...

The fair Nadya, with my $8.00 burger.

How was it? you ask...
I liked it.

The burger was good too.

TBG- needing CPR and maybe mouth-to-mouth...

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