Friday, July 13, 2007

Loggerhead Key - Week 2 - Now with Pics!

Greetings Constant Readers...
Welcome to Week 2.

The PC and Loggerhead Key Light

A few pics and some notes...

Remember I said the primary life form on Loggerhead Key was the crabs?

Here they are:

Black Back Crabs

...and Ghost Crabs
(You'll have to wait on the latin. I don't have my taxonomy books with me.)

They (the crabs) get into everything.



Some views of Fort Jefferson...

From the front porch of the Little House

From the top of the Lighthouse.

It's been so hot and still here this view reminds me of the lines from the
"Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

"Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink

Speaking of the Lighthouse...
(A/K/A The Deathtrap)

Let me share with you the reasons it's not open to the public...

The railing is about to fall off, and if you lean against it, you're going over the edge, along with most of the walkway around the top of the light.

That is one steep, narrow, dark stairway

Do these stairs look safe to you?

...because they aren't. They are melting in the heat and humidity of this place.

There are 193 steps *just like these*.

THAT's why we don't let people climb the lighthouse.

If you ever wondered what the lighting element looks like in a lightouse like the one here on Loggerhead Key...

This is the actual light...

One other thing...

This is damage from 2 years ago... Hurricane Wilma, I believe...


The crabs again...
Did I mention that the Ghost Crabs and the Black Back Crabs don't get along? They don't.
It's like the Crips and the Bloods out here...

"You lookin' at me, Ese?"


Other residents...

We have the Zombie Tarpon out at the dock...

The glowing eyeball is from the flash on my camera, not because they are Undead Fish. Heh.

Another pic from out near the dock.

There is also a young Goliath Grouper under the dock. Just a little one, about 60 pounds or so...

Speaking of homes...

Here's our place. Commonly referred to as "The Little House". Interior pics and pics of the Big House coming soon.

The PC has been working her tail off...I had the poor child out working on the power grid last week.

She was out dressing the cables that tie the PV Array together.

Note the expert "extra cable tie in the teeth" methodology...That's my girl.

We also get occasional visitors, usually folks from over at the Fort come over in an inflatable, dingy or kayak. We give them the nickle tour and answer the Loggerhead FAQs (coming soon).

Looking for a spot to snorkle.


And the turtles...
I'm getting pretty good at identifying the tracks that they leave all over the beach each morning...

This is what they look like from the Lighthouse.

Ok...Loggerhead Tracks on the left, Green Turtle tracks on the right.
(Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas respectively. I didn't need my book for those.)

And it's not like they crawl up and do their business then leave.
Some are pretty picky about where they want to dig a nest.

Who decided to hold a tractor pull on my beach?

Actually, it's easier to tell a tractor pull from an arribata.
Just look for empty beer bottles. The Green Turtles & Loggerheads love Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Well... Our friends from the USCG Cutter Yellowfin out of Charleston are gone, so we are expecting Visitors from the South tonite. What fun...

TBG out -


Luc said...

Oh man! Who do I have to kill to get a gig like that???!!!! Thanks for the pics BG. Hope those refugees will bring cigars ... How is the WWKMT?

Anonymous said...

Hay Jay,
Thanks for the pictures. You made me cry. I even miss the crabs. The turtle crawls brought back so many memmories. Digging in that HOT sand..... The water looks so nice. Take a trip out to little africa for me. Some day i'll get back there. Enjoy the cubans.

James Stawecki said...

Can you catch and eat those fish while you are out there? or do you bring your own grub with you?

Are these day trips? or do you stay out in the house for a few days?


The Big Guy said...

Tammy - I remember walking East Key with you...
It was a great preliminary education on the turtle tracks!

It is a roaster out on the beach after 8:00 or so...

Was out on LA yesterday (Tuesday)... Lots of big Cudas there now.

Unfortunately Loggerhead Key is in the middle of the protected area of the RNA... No fishing anywhere near the island. Consequently there is tons of fish. I've never seen so many small (juvenile) grouper on the reef. You can really see the effect of the RNA already.

(Besides- Tarpon are inedible. But grouper, hogfish and snapper... C'est magnifique!)


The Big Guy said...


We're in the little house for the fuill month of July...

Every couple days I get over to the Big Island (heh) to do emails and call home to check on the girls.