Saturday, September 23, 2006

Still alive...

...but only marginally.

Got back from Shanghai on Tuesday night... No real issues except for the 5 hour layover in Detroit.

Had the best experience with Customs there...
I went throught the rubber glove test with my bags and equipment, and for once didn't leave feeling like I'd been overly abused or violated.
They did check every nook and cranny in all my bags, dirty laundry and all, but their attitude was the thing that made it less of a burden that it could have been.
The questions were specific but not accusatory, they accepted reasonable explanations, and were very professional about the whole 20 minute ordeal.

Kudos to the Customs and Immigrations guys in Detroit.
(And I did send in a comment card in regards to my experience.)

So- Back in the office on Wednesday to start catching up-
Went to Lunch with Jingalls and Mitch- and wound up with the worst food poisoning I've had since Beijing in 2004.
By 6 Wednesday night I was expelling everything inside me that wasn't original equipment, and by noon the next day I was starting to worry that I was going to need some replacement parts...
My fever broke on Friday afternoon, and on Friday evening I finally was able to eat some rice and toast... It has not been pretty...
For instance, I can tell you the bathroom floor has 273 tiles visible, as I have had multiple opportunities to count them...

Well... I'm back among the living... At least until Monday.
Then I head to New York.




Samantha said...

You could at least spare the rest of us some agony and tell us where you ate! Yuck! (hope you're feeling tip-top!)

The Big Guy said...

Rather than risk slander and/or libel charges, let me see if I can give give you enough info to figure it out for yourself...

Off Southside Blvd near Tinseltown theaters. Across from South Street/Dicks Wings.

Rhymes with "Jailhouse".

Get it?

If so, listen to Uncle Salmonella, don't order the Zingers.

Famous, out.