Thursday, August 24, 2006

Letters... Jacksonville International Airport

Letters to people or organizations that are unlikely to respond, Number 1:

Tuesday Aug 22, 2006

Dear Jacksonville International Airport,
Remember the other night when I got in from Vegas? It took you guys 45 minutes to get the bags to the baggage claim carousel?
And a week ago when I came back from Montreal? 21 minutes- and of course my bag, the one labeled "Priority Handling" by Continental, was the second-to-last bag on the belt...

Take a lesson from Denver.

The plane hit the jetway at 12:07.
I was off by 12:09.
Walked down the concourse and took the tram to the main terminal and baggage claim.
I arrived at baggage claim at 12:16...
My bag was the third one out the chute at 12:18... total time: 9 minutes.

And I'll wager the distance from the plane to the baggage claim is more than twice what it is in Jacksonville...



(Addendum Wed Aug 23-
Off the plane at 10:29, my bag is number 42, at 10:56. 27 minutes- No suprise. I guess that Continental Airlines "priority handling" tag is just there for decoration.)

Amazing, out- (at baggage claim, still waiting for my bags)

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