Thursday, August 24, 2006

Letters..... DHS / TSA

Letters to people or organizations that are unlikely to respond, Number 3:

Dear Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration:

Given the most recent case of over-reaction: "no liquids"...

Please. Give me a break.

Let me get this straight- I can't take on-board a bottle of water I purchased IN THE AIRPORT, (presumably screened BEFORE if got to the kiosk or newsstand), little skippy can't have his juice box, no toothpaste, makeup or contact lens solution...
But it is OK for Kandy the Stripper to wear her giant gel/silicone/saline implants and carry a 4 ounce bottle or tube of KY Jelly, or Tiffany can wear her gel-filled bra, and The Old Geezer can have his gel-filled wheelchair cushion.

Anytime you bend, break, or fail to apply a "safety procedure" across the board, you put everyone at risk.
Stop being so hypocritical, you happy assholes.

Oh yeah... one more thing- carefully read the notices in the airport- the notices read:
"Passengers are prohibited..."
Doesn't apply to flight crews or flight attendants.
How does that work?

What are y'all going to over-react to next?
How long is it until we are prohibited from having a carry-on of any sort?
Or perhaps even more draconian measure are implemented...



Famous, out-

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